Travelling with a baby

(Part 1 – The Journey)

Things to pack in your hand luggage 

  • Order everything to pick up at Boots in the airport (more info here
  • A big blanket to cover both of you if baby falls asleep
  • Thermometer
  • Vital baby hand sanitiser – essential should the dummy ping out and onto the grubby cabin floor! 
  • Powder dispenser for formula
  • Ziploc bags in multiple sizes
  • Nappy bags 
  • New toys to entertain
  • A spare change of clothes (for baby and you)

Top tips 

  • Cram as much into the pushchair case as possible
  • Feed on take off and landing (this help with their ears)
  • For some reason flights can lead to poonami’s (you have been warned!) 
  • Take the baby carrier for the gate & plane
  • Make sure you go to the loo before they fall asleep on you!
  • Accept as a mum you have to take less :/

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