The mother of all hangovers, a new mums survival guide

After 9 months of (near enough) sobriety, a life free of booze seems almost achievable. Pah! Who’re you kidding? Those first few months with a newborn are a bloody rollercoaster and the time will come when you find yourself reaching for the bottle (not just the Dr Browns!) One glass will lead to two and before you know it you’re slut-dropping your way around the living room, any woes of waking the sleeping babe evaporating like a lit sambuca.  

Alas, much like pre-pregnancy, hangovers are a bitch. Add a tiny human creature into the mix, overflowing hormones and all the aches and pains that come with childbirth (however they arrived) and the fear could feel so overwhelming you actually google ‘can I die from a hangover’(I have it on good authority you can’t). Here are some essential tips to get you through;

  1. Mum guilt can fuck off! Okay, you’re a mum now, you’re also human. Yes yes, we all have responsibilities, but you gotta let your hair down once in a while. As long as BOJ (bundle of joy) is fed and mummy has a smile on her face (even if it doesn’t quite reach her make-up-from-last-night’s eyes) all is well. Who doesn’t love a duvet day with their mama?
  2. This is going to be tough but it will be worth it….get it over with quickly and you will reap the reward. TIDY THE ABODE. I find with hangovers, kidding yourself that everything is totally fine is the answer. No reminders of the night before….
  3. Scrap the diet coke and dominoes, you’re not a student now, coconut water and pizza express. You’re a classy hun these days.
  4. Watch Geordie Shore. I don’t care if you have to stream it illegally, just do it. I guarantee, no matter what you’re cringing over it will never be as horrifying as that lot! Nothing like looking down on others to make you feel a bit better about yourself.
  5. And finally, when the day is drawing to an end and baby is bathed and bedded, why not reward yourself with a glass of wine. Just make sure it is just the one ye!?

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