Nurturing Mums: Postnatal Courses

It’s a joke really. 9 months spent googling everything from ‘what oil can I rub on my perineum’ to ‘will my vagina ever be the same again’? But can anyone honestly say that in the months leading to the birth they paused for a moment, even a second, to consider ‘how to parent’? I know I didn’t. And that was fine: to begin with.

The first three months are actually a doddle. Okay so you’re exhausted, your nipples are so sore you’ve almost, more than once, flung the baby across the living room and you can count on one hand how many times you’ve washed but the baby, well they sleep all day and only wake for food and nappy changes. When you really break it down, parenting a newborn is a piece of piss!

And then you celebrate their 12 week birthday (your child is 3 months!) and the shit hits the fan. The adrenaline’s worn off and you are desperate for a routine, you have no idea what babies can eat and if anything serious happened what would you actually do. Ziggy turned 3 months and reality hit hard, I felt lost, alone and beyond desperate.

Thank god for Lucinda and Nurturing Mums!

The postnatal courses, run in 9 locations across London (and two outside), are spread across 4 weeks and cover all the essentials: sleep training, baby first aid and weening. Each week is led by an expert in that field and lasts roughly an hour, which is absolutely perfect as towards the end the babies begin to fidget (understatement!).

I attended the Battersea course which takes place at Mama’s and Papa’s on Northcote Road. I was part of a group of 4 so we got individualised advice which really helped. The thing I particularly liked was there was no judgment, no ‘this is how you must do this’. Just advice and ideas to consider, well apart from the first-aid!

I couldn’t speak more highly about Nurturing Mums and would recommend to any new mums looking for non-judgemental advice at an affordable cost. Plus, if you’re lucky like me, some new mum mates!

To find out more visit the Nurturing Mums site here.

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